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seven and a half meter cheese
germany is the land of bread


fruit & veges


fruit & veges, preferred out of our region


bistro, like cuisine francais: everxthing`s made from fresh products
bistro-food, made 100% from biological products
Momos Biometzger
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you have found a "real" health-food-shop


Open daily from 8 o'clock in the morning to 8 o'clock in the evening, Saturday to 6 in the evening

Contact by phone: dial 0049 for Germany, 228 for Bonn (from inside Germany: 0228), 462 765 for Momo


Momo is

a health-food store 'of the first hour' and it's an old school health food store.
From ‘the first hour on,’ from its very inception in 1983, Momo has been in a process of natural, slow, and ongoing change: a dynamic biologic phenomenon in itself.
Being an ‘old school’ health food store means having the highest of standards. The assortment of natural foods and products offered and the determined efforts made to maintain our very high standards make Momo an old school health food store.
Momo provides a fantastic range of products. While making this very comprehensive and nearly complete assortment of natural food and other products available to our customers, our efforts focus on assuring the quality, the freshness, and the health benefits of the items offered.
Working regionally as much as possible, consideration of the ecological impact of our work and protection of our environment are important to us in the operation of Momo. These requirements, along with others, have been part and parcel of Momo’s operation since the store was first set up.


In practice this means:
Our business covers an area of 600 square meters, with an integrated ‘Bistro,’ organic butcher and delivery service.
We offer 6000 products, and these for the most part, and as much as possible, are ‘organic.’ We also have fresh produce, 250 types of cheese, breads from six regional organic bakers, a wide assortment of dairy products, and the finest selection of fruit and vegetables available in the surrounding area.
Many of our regional partners are well-known health food pioneers, as well as developers of products for natural skin and body care as well as items needed for house and garden.


Here on the momosite, we can convey some, but not all, of what takes place on a day-to-day basis at Momo. Momo must also be smelled, tasted, heard and felt, and above all, experienced.
This is the only English-language page on the momosite. Please use translator-tools or simply send us an email with your requests in your preferred language to:
kindly translated by our lovely customer Kathy Brown
>>American Speech Language Hearing Association
Certified Speech and Language Pathologist
Licensed to practice in Germany<<


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